Thank you so much for considering support for Brave Sound Productions. Our weekly live stream concerts are funded in part by ticket sales however many variables including artist fees, venue rentals, equipment acquisition or repair, piano tuning, etc. make it unlikely for us to cover all our costs from ticket sales alone. Your donation will help us continue to curate these great artistic events and to pay local independent artists fair fees for their great work. 

We are thrilled that non-profit, Fractured Atlas, has decided to fiscally sponsor our operations here at Brave Sound. What this means for you is you can tax-deduct your contributions! The easiest way to contribute is click the image below and make an online contribution with a standard credit/debit card.

We also welcome contributions with a check, cash, or a non-monetary contribution, if you are interested in doing so, please email us.

Donations of $600 or more are considered a sponsorship! This allows us to present a future stream freely to the public and still pay musicians fairly. We will thank you (or your company/organization) publicly with your consent.
Silver Sponsorship – $600
Gold Sponsorship – $1200
A Gold Sponsorship enables us to book highly established artists and rent appropriately bigger spaces.
Sponsorships are now tax-deductible thanks to non-profit, Fractured Atlas.
To sponsor a show, please click the image below and select a Sponsorship Level

List of upcoming events for sponsorship:
Jaleel Shaw Quartet – April 10th, 2021**
Zoe Obadia and Micah Thomas – April 18th, 2021
Micah Thomas Trio – April 22nd, 2021
Kris Monson Quartet – April 29th, 2021
Mike Clark, George Cables, and Leon Lee Dorsey trio – May 9th, 2021**
Makar Kashitsyn – May 16th, 2021
Adi Meyerson Group – May 23rd, 2021**
Gina D’Soto Quartet – May 30th, 2021
Marcos Varela Group – June 6th, 2021
Caroline Davis – June 20th, 2021**
Adam Larson Quartet – June 30th 2021**

** indicates a show that will need a Gold Sponsorship (or 2 Silver Sponsors) to be made free for public viewing

Note: if you choose to make your donation anonymous, we will apply your sponsorship to the next upcoming event in need of sponsorship. If you’d like to a sponsor a specific event but remain publicly anonymous, please select “Don’t list publicly, but reveal to project” when completing your contribution.