COVID has opened many audiences’ eyes to digital participation. Streaming is now more than ever one of the best ways of engaging and building audiences online. Brave Sound is one of the best equipped studios for the job!

We stream with 4 Full HD cameras with studio quality multitrack audio. All video is recorded at significantly higher quality than streaming services allow for further editing in post. Multitrack audio is saved at full lossless 48k, 24bit resolution and can be further mixed in post-production as well.

To book a session, email us at
Ask about discounts for monthly streams! Consistency is the best way to build your audience, and we are happy to reward it as well.

Here’s a couple clips from recent live streams from our Washington Heights studio:

We’re even able to bring a portable rig to livestream from other studios, venues, and locations. Here’s some examples:

Live streamed from the Owl Music Parlor