Mobile Recording

At your concert in the NYC, NJ metro area

Tracking, Mixing, Mastering
32 Inputs, 5 different headphone/monitor mixes
House keys, guitar/bass amps, drums
Full gear list below

Email with your project:)
Some info to include: instrumentation, probable dates/times, location.

Our recent work

We also often travel to other locations for shoots! Here’s some examples:

At Yamaha Artist Studio in Midtown NY.
At OWL Music Parlor in Brooklyn
A clip from the BAM@MSM concert series we produce (audio and visual) for the Manhattan School of Music

Below is our production, mixing information. For mastering services, please see:


Instruments and controllers:
QuestLove Breakbeats Drum Kit, Steve Maxwell Bass Drum and Rack Tom
Zildjin K Prototype Ride and New Beats hats
M-Audio Hammer 88 Keyboard
Korg microKey2 61-key Keyboard
Yamaha SILENT Brass System for Trumpet and Trombone (SB7X-2/SB5X-2)
Various pedals and foot controllers

Guitar and Bass Amps:
Donner DBA-30 30W Bass Amp
Fender Mustang LT25
Tech 21 Sansamp VT Bass DI

AKG C4000 Multi-Pattern Large Diaphragm Condensers x2
Beyerdynamic MC930 x2
DPA 4061
NOS Audio NOS12 with Cinemag transformer and Thiersch M7 capsule
Oktava MK-319 x2 (modded)
Oktava MK-012 x2 (Michael Joly E.) with omni and cardoid caps
Rode K2 with NOS Amperex tube
Shure SM81 x2
Beyerdynamic M260DX (Stephen Sank modified)
Oktava ML-19 Carioid Ribbon
ShinyBox MX46C and MX46L Ribbons
Audix i5
Beyerdynamic M201 TG
Electro-Voice N/D868
Heil PR40
Sennheiser MD441 x2
Sennheiser MD431
Sennheiser MD421-II
Shure SM58
Shure SM57

Note: Additional cost to bring ribbon or tube microphones to off-site recordings.

Rolls RA53B Headphone Amp x 2 (up to 20 headphones, 5 independent mixes)
Donnor EM2 Personal Headphone Amp x 2
Various AKG, Sennheiser, Audiotechnica headphones
Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor

RME Babyface Pro
Behringer ADA8200 (x2)
Zoom L-12 Mixer and Multitrack Recorder
Various active and passive DI Boxes

Cameras and lenses:
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7, G85, GX85
Panasonic Lumix Vario G 14-140mm f/3.5-5.6 and 12-60mm
Lumix G 42.5mm f/1.7
Lumix G 25mm f/1.7
GoPro Hero 9 x 2

Virtual Guitar and Bass Amps:
Scuffham S-Gear
Native Instruments Guitar Rig Pro 5
Brainworx Ampeg B-15N
Kuassa Cerberus
IK Multimedia Amplitube SVX

Virtual Pianos, Keys, and Synths:
Native Instruments The Grandeur, Gentleman, Maverick, Giant, Una Corda, and Vintage Organs
Scarbee Mark I (Rhodes), 200-A (Wurli), and Clavinet/Pianet
Native Instruments Reaktor, Massive, Monark, Absynth, and more
UVI Digital Synsations
Suonopuro Synth Collection
U-he ZebraCM, BazilleCM