Purchasing professional services from Brave Sound is one of the best ways to support our curatorial and cultural-advocacy programs. Through these services, you will have access the same exceptionally high audial, visual, and artistic quality standards that we hold for all our major productions.


From college audition tapes to entire albums, we give all recording, mixing, and mastering projects all the attention-to-detail you expect from a Brave Sound Production.

Available both in our studio (Manhattan, NY) or off-site at your preferred location.


Interested in presenting any of the artists from our past productions at your festival, venue, or event? We can make that happen. Bring Brave Sound to you!


Brave Sounds photography and videography services are done for musicians and by musicians. We have all the tools you would expect from any professional service but with a musician’s eye and sympathy behind the camera. Pair this with our recording services for your very own Brave Sound Production.

Let’s build something together.