Hiring Mike and Austin to help create your next music video, live stream, or album is one of the best ways to support our curation, podcast, and concerts! Through these services, you will have access the same exceptionally high audial, visual, and artistic standards that we hold for all our Brave Sound Productions.


Live streaming, tracking, producing, mixing, and mastering. You need your next song to move, groove, and disprove. Brave Sound audio services will help you do it.

Available both in our studio (Manhattan, NY) or off-site at your preferred location.


Need some crushing fusion drums on your next track? How about a sweet wind synth solo? Ooh wouldn’t some sax lines be just the thing?

If you’re a fan of Mike and Austin’s duo concerts, you’ll love hearing these sounds on your own song. Referrals available for other incredible NYC musicians as well.


Brave Sounds photography and videography services are done with all the tools you would expect from any professional service but with a musician’s eye and sympathy behind the camera. Let us capture your next album cover, headshot, or music video.

Let’s build something together.