Brave Sound has performed professional audio, video, and streaming services for top musicians like Jaleel Shaw, Mike Clark, and Rodney Jones as well as for universities, recording studios, churches, and music venues. Click on one of the pages below for more details.


Professional tracking, mixing, and mastering at musician friendly rates. Brave Sound audio services will help you document your music in the best way.

Available both in our studio (Manhattan, NY) or off-site at your preferred location.


Take advantage of our video switchers and live sound setup by live streaming your next concert or event!

COVID has opened many audiences’ eyes to digital participation. Streaming is now more than ever one of the best ways of engaging and building audiences online.


Brave Sounds photography and videography services are done with all the tools you would expect from any professional service but with a musician’s eye and sympathy behind the camera. Let us capture your next gig, recording session, or music video.

Let’s build something together.