Free, open-source software (Mac, Windows, Linux) created by CCRMA of Stanford University. Allows users to play music with a peer (or multiple peers, though this is more difficult) over the internet in real-time (up to around 500 miles of physical distance). Not only is the audio sent over JackTrip real-time, but it’s also uncompressed, which makes it an invaluable tool for making studio-quality recordings over the internet. Use it to hear your students in higher fidelity, live-stream a concert with a friend 300 miles away, rehearse before a gig without needing to travel… the use is up to your own creativity.

Cons? Quite demanding on the computer and your internet connection. Command-line application with no easy-to-use user interface.

A clip from a live streamed duo concert with bassist, Kris Monson (in Charlottesville, VA) and saxophonist, Austin Zhang (in Manhattan, New York).

Watch our FREE live masterclass session that goes over everything you need to know to use JackTrip (below)

In this masterclass Austin will show you how to setup a real-time JackTrip connection with a friend, culminating in a brief overview of how to stream this audio with video to a live online audience on YouTube.

You don’t have to have ever used JackTrip before, but to get the most out of this class it’s best to own and be able to use an audio interface. A physical ethernet connection is needed as well.

For those interested in streaming these JackTrip concerts to the internet:
Have some kind of DAW
Audio Loopback software (like this) – I will explain what this is and why it’s needed
Some knowledge of OBS streaming software is helpful but not needed

Live at 7:30PM Eastern. December 14th, 2020


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Here’s a list of resources I’ve found helpful when learning about this:

Ben Loveridge’s “A step-by-step guide to networked music performance”
Michael Dessen’s Introduction to Networked Music Performance @ Home
Dan Tepfer’s A Few Things I’ve Learned About Livestreaming | Dan Tepfer
JackTrip Operation Manual
JackTrip Slack Group
JackTrip Google Group