Brave Sound Productions is a not-for-profit production studio that offers free recording services, rehearsal space, promotional help, and film and photography services for numerous New York City artists. We also give free programming through our videos and live streams to the general public.

This is not an inexpensive operation. Quality music and visual production is both time-intensive and equipment-heavy! We absolutely love what we do and love being a resource and community center for NYC musicians, however, maintaining our free to low cost model often requires outside assistance.

If you are unable to donate, our non-financial needs are also numerous, our Patreon delivers exclusive educational and curatorial content, and our recording, visual, and contracting services all go towards funding Brave Sound’s mission as well.

If you are able to contribute financially, every penny of your donation will go towards helping us continue to support New York City’s artistic community and protecting this music’s survival into turbulent futures.


  • Legal assistance for 1023 Non-profit IRS application
  • Volunteers with construction or carpentry experience
  • Grant writer and financial planner (paid position)
  • Piano tuning services
  • General equipment maintenance
  • Dedicated studio desktop computer
  • Higher grade studio monitors


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