I’m all about adding art and other beautiful things to people’s lives. Thankfully, there are many incredible people and initiatives dedicated to similar objectives, and of course I’d like to support them in any way I can.

Friends: I’m so lucky to have befriended these incredibly talented individuals. They inspire the heck of me and deserve a shout-out. Absolutely random order. Some of these could be in the category on the right as well, it’s a bit grey when your friends are so damn cool.

Joe Block
Joseph Giordano
Niklas Lukassen
Josh Roberts
Jasper Dutz
Christian Li
Jenny Xu
Ben Feldman
Jahari Stampley
Kris Monson
Anthony Hervey
Perrin Grace
Arta Jekabsone
Kanoa Mendenhall

Artists: Some of these have been mentors of mine, others just people I greatly admire. These people definitely don’t need a shout-out from me but I’m going to acknowledge them anyway.

Maria Grand
Rich Perry
Steve Lehman
Andy Clausen
Julian Lage
Jaleel Shaw
Dayna Stephens
Gregory Tardy
Jason Moran
Stefon Harris
Miguel Zenon
Samora Pinderhughes
Marc Cary
Melissa Aldana
Jacob Collier
Adam Larson
Dave Meder

And still more:

Academy of American Poets – Poem-a-Day: An initiative to send a poem to your email inbox everyday. I love this program; it helps me add thought and reflection to my day without even having to seek it.

Uğur Gallenkuş – This Turkish photographer/artist has some of the most powerful messages I’ve ever seen. Check him out and see for yourself.

Kevin Sun – An amazing saxophonist and composer, Kevin is also a musical scholar and his Horizontal Search blog has some of the most original and well-thought-out perspectives on jazz music you will find on the web.

Jan Hakon – Jan is an artist based out of Oslo. He shows a more quirky side of himself on Instagram mainly and pops a lot of balloons.

Ethan Iverson – Do The Math: In addition to being one of the baddest pianist on the planet., Ethan’s Do the M@th blog one of the most incredible resources on the web. From interviews with legends and incredibly in depth transcription analysis to blogs and essays on all aspects of jazz music, this blog has provided so much insight and value to my life.

Erin Janus – She’s not so active nowadays but her work is one of these reasons I became a vegan. Incredibly researched and well presented thoughts on the livestock industry. I would bet that she has single-handedly converted thousands through her work.

Earthling Ed – A vegan activist and filmmaker who also does great work. His titles on YouTube can be a bit clickbaity but his message and intentions are always crystal clear.

Wong Fu Productions – A icon to young Asian Americans everywhere. Many of you know about Wong Fu but I think it’s difficult to understate how many people they’ve inspired. With all the misrepresentation and under-representation of Asians in mainstream media, having this all-Asian channel put out such amazing produced and emotionally impactful films was invaluable for me.

Matt D’Avella – Today, he’s one of the most popular filmmakers on YouTube and he directed the documentary, Minimalism. His videos are beautifully made and their messages have really helped me de-clutter my life, pinpoint my focus, and work towards my goals in a healthier and more sustainable way.

Ali Abdaal – Less of an “artist” than those mentioned above equally impactful for me. One of the most transparent figures on the internet and has paved himself an audience by being totally true to himself at all times and providing value to people’s lives.