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Nate Sparks Big Band

The Nate Sparks Big Band is a New York-based 18 piece ensemble that plays a wide variety of music fitting for both concert and party events, all of which is either composed, arranged, or transcribed by Nate Sparks. Its members consist of some of the finest up and coming jazz and classical musicians in the city, who’s individual voices are authentically highlighted in the writing. Whether it be through grandiose original works inspired by great classical and jazz composers, cleverly arranged popular songs from TV and internetContinue reading “Nate Sparks Big Band”

Honesty Band

Today’s music industry, values 2-4 minute radio hits that have their catchy hook within the first minute. Ideal for drowning out awkward flirting at bars, filling awkward silences in elevators, and pumping up joggers. While I love many radio hits and do think many popular musicians today are creating valuable art, why should I have to tell my story in 140 characters? Honesty Band is a group created by saxophonist, Austin Zhang. for those whoContinue reading “Honesty Band”

Beehive Quartet

“Beehive Quartet, inspired by the daring spirit of the 1960s, seeks to be a musical microcosm of a society where love is the basis, human beings are not enemies, and individual voices are celebrated. A true band of friends, the 4-piece collective began in January 2019 while we were all students at the Manhattan School of Music. On stage, we aim to embody humanity’s most beautiful contradictions: individual people forming a community of one, theContinue reading “Beehive Quartet”

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