Beehive Quartet

Beehive Quartet, inspired by the daring spirit of the 1960s, seeks to be a musical microcosm of a society where love is the basis, human beings are not enemies, and individual voices are celebrated. A true band of friends, the 4-piece collective began in January 2019 while we were all students at the Manhattan School of Music. On stage, we aim to embody humanity‚Äôs most beautiful contradictions: individual people forming a community of one, the questioning of conventional wisdom, and our instinct for powerful, meaningful rejoice in the face of our innate impermanence.”

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The Beehive Quartet is a 4 -piece collective featuring:

Austin Zhang on saxophone
Joseph Giordano on trombone
Tony Golden on bass
Quinton Cain on drums

Bailey Cummings: Jazz &emdash; Jazz