Beehive Quartet

Beehive Quartet, inspired by the daring spirit of the 1960s, seeks to be a musical microcosm of a society where love is the basis, human beings are not enemies, and individual voices are celebrated. A true band of friends, the 4-piece collective began in January 2019 while we were all students at the Manhattan School of Music. On stage, we aim to embody humanity’s most beautiful contradictions: individual people forming a community of one, the questioning of conventional wisdom, and our instinct for powerful, meaningful rejoice in the face of our innate impermanence.”

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The Beehive Quartet is a 4 -piece collective featuring:

Austin Zhang on saxophone
Joseph Giordano on trombone
Tony Golden on bass
Quinton Cain on drums

The following tracks are previews from their upcoming debut album, “Pollen Covered Fantasy”. They were recorded and mixed by Brave Sound Productions during a 5-day studio session from July 20-24, 2019.

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