Does the Ant Feel Anxiety?

Do you ever feel small? Itty bitty?
That’s ok, build a tower. wear a crown. make a name.
Bigger the universe, bigger the fame.

Don’t like being a speck?
That’s ok, Everest can relate, we’re all in this game.
Does water fear oblivion?

Let’s stress!
Our dead lines approach.
Now, does the ant feel anxiety?

Itty bitty is awful calm.

Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog by Casper David Friedrich

With the release of Constable now just 2 days away, I’ve been reflecting on my bike ride and some of the understandings I’ve reached during my time here in the Netherlands. The Casper David Friedrich (a German contemporary of John Constable) painting above really captures the spirit of one of these so well and inspired this poem, “Does the Ant Feel Anxiety”.

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